The environments artists and designers of ASTERION come from the biggest video game studios.

The environment team develops new environments every month which are offered to your professional teams via the ASTERION launcher.

Thanks to the Scenario Designer integrated into the proprietary Blackbull software by ASTERION, you can create in each environment, an infinity of complex scenarios.

ASTERION Environment packages

  • ASTERION Virtual reality military Simulation

University Environment for ModulMaze and WASCA
The situation takes place in a University which is taken hostage by hostile tangos.

Several floors are accessible, the shooting angles can be complex. University is the historic Map of ASTERION, it was completely redone in 2020, with improved graphics and ergonomics.

Tactical progression training in hostile environment with high quality Tango AI.

Slice the pie and tactical progression theories.


The VPST Virtual police Simulation Training, allows the field policeman to be confronted with the daily situation of the street. Identity control, vehicle attack, dog attack, street terrorism, rioter attacks.

It is a powerful tool which, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, makes it possible to produce an infinite number of scenarios, depending on the reactions of police officers.

CQB ModulMaze and WASCA

The CQB Map reproduces a classic CQB, but with the possibility of dynamically changing the types of targets or even adding tangos to the environment.

It is a tactical training map appreciated by the Special Forces.

Indoor Fire range
Indoor Fire Range seems to be the most classic of the Fire Range, but in addition to being the safest and most economical for training and learning, it also integrates precise analyzes of shooting and a configuration of very sharp sessions, which allows to adapt to all doctrines.

Dealer Apartment

Is a high risk intervention map! it is a question of entering an apartment invested by drug dealers.

Interventions are made delicate because it is necessary to determine who are the hostiles of unarmed people.

Outdoor Long range

It is a long range outdoor shooting range: 25, 50, 75, and 100 meters. it allows shooting training with rifles.

Climatic conditions like wind can be changed, and ballistics are precise and realistic.

Outdoor IPSC

The IPSC Challenge Map reproduces a classic IPSC shooting range, but with the possibility of dynamically changing the types of targets or even adding tangos to the environment.

Targets conditions can be switch easily in real time by instructor during the session.

Each VFR Virtual Fire Range come with 3 Environments chosen in our library including:

  • Indoor Shooting Range
  • Outdoor Shooting Range
  • IPSC Challenge
  • Steel Challenge
  • Shoot/No-Shoot simulation
  • domestic violence

Your service can also choose to make us develop one for you, depending of your needs.

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