The training tools we have been waiting for and that make the difference!
Commander of the SpecOps France RAID unit, RAID France
The ASTERION simulator allows us to train our men in conditions that have been impossible until now. It is the CQB of the future.
General military school Lima, Military school Lima
The Virtual Fire Range is fantastic, the new recruits have less stress, they safely learn the essential and reflexive concepts, then they immediately show better results in live Fire Range than other learners!
Security Shooting Instructor, Private Security Company
Asterion’s XR simulators allow Train As You Fight in the most modern conditions, and their teams are very professional.
Former Bundeswehr Special Operations Officer, Bundeswehr Special Operations
VFR and ModulMaze CQB are the training tools of the XXI century, no company concerned with the quality of the training of its men can pass by!
National police officer, special forces, GSPR

Settings of shooting phases and analysis

Asterion’s Blackbull software was designed with the help of professional shooting instructors. The choices of starting positions, equipment, type of fire (single fire, controlled pair, double tap, hammers and more …) are available with the choice of real and virtual ammunition. each phase is predefined and analyzed.

Fine analysis of firing phases

Thanks to Blackbull by Asterion, you can clearly read in which order the bullets hit their target, all impacts are numbered and recorded according to their hit zone: Kilo Zone, Alpha Zone, Bravo Zone, Charlie Zone and Delta Zone

360 ° ballistic view mode

After the shooting sessions on Tangos it is allowed for the first time to visualize in ballistic view mode on 360 ° the angles of penetration of each bullet, their point of entry and their point of exit, as well as the order in which they touched


Securing the personal data of our customers is a major point for ASTERION. The architecture of the Asterion local servers guarantees total security of the trainees’ data, which is not accessible on the Internet and is only stored locally in the Asterion server racks.


Blackbull Asterion software allows simultaneous training of multiple trainees. Force on Force or against autonomous agents with emotional AIs that make our characters civilians or tangos with unrivaled realistic behaviors

Tools for instructors

The tools dedicated to instructors allow them to follow the tactical development of each trainee from all angles and by anticipating contacts with opponents. the instructors can communicate by radio with the trainees at any time, but also modify in real time the progress of each scenario by influencing the behavior of the Tangos and the civilians.

A growing environment library

Thanks to its integrated development studio, and with many virtual reality engineers and graphic designers from the most famous video game studios, Asterion develops new tactical training environments every month: public places, airports, stations, universities, undergrounds, hospitals, but also boats, planes and more … we want to give you the best for your training and that also means to give you often as much variety as possible, so as not to create habits.

Virtual Reality and real time

Virtual Reality and real time allows more than any other medium to train by changing quickly and as often as necessary the course of the events, it is what make possible the tools of Blackbull software of Asterion.

Innovation and R&D

At Asterion innovation and R&D are at the heart of all our concerns. We give all our knowledge to create the XR technology simulators of tomorrow, because from our point of view, those who defend our freedoms and our lives must have the best of the technologies of the future to train.