PROSERVE is our brand new all in one VR solution for the training of Police, Special forces, Military and Firefighter. Easily deploy wherehever your want with our unique portable and wireless solution ready to go in less than 5 minutes

Features and Benefits

  • Portable and easy to deploy

  • Breathtaking VR Immersion

  • Single or Multi-Users

  • Fully Wireless

  • Blowback weapon replicas
  • Advanced statistics and replay

  • Realistic Balistic
  • High-End 3D graphics

  • AI autonomous Agent

  • Scenarios designed by experts
Proserve Environment
Proserve Environment
Proserve Environment
Proserve Environment
Proserve Environment
Proserve Environment

A powerfull and scalable solution

PROSERVE use the best technology in all fields from hardware to software. 3D Graphics, IA, VR, 3D Sounds are managed by a high end laptop powered by last Intel and Nvidia Technology and our software suit use lastest version of Unreal Engine, the world leader graphics engine.

Our system grow as your needs, begin with one or more Trainee Packs, a fully fonctional and independant system for single user, then add a Server Pack to connect them all together and get access to the cooperative scenarios.

Trainee Pack Hardware and more features

Transport Case

Portable and Easy to Deploy

Be ready in 5 minutes

Complete training solution in a case
Easy to transport
Train your team anywhere

Virtual Reality Headset

Realtime 360° VR Immersion

Breathtaking VR Immersion

High End Graphics
5K Resolution
3D Sounds
Up to 1000 sqm tracking

VR Tracker

Precise Tracking and Fire detection

Thor Tracker V4

Fix on all picatinny rails
Double fire detection
Recoil detection for stable tracking
Holster compatible
Use Replica or service Weapon


Wireless Solution

WIFI 6E Technology

No more cables or heavy equipement
High Rate Video Stream
No perturbated by standard WIFI

High End Computer

High End Hardware

High End Hardware

Powered by Intel and Nvidia
Software suit made with Unreal Engine
Very high graphics Quality
Very High Framerate

Wrist Tracker

Both hand Tracking

Second hand are tracked same way
Precise weapon holding position

A complete software suit

Standard features

  • With one or multiple trainees Pack

  • Multiple single trainee scenarios with AI
  • Configure your appearance and personal information

  • Choose your weapon, handgun to heavy riffle
  • Choose your environment and scenario

Instructor features

  • Come with Server Pack: Connect trainees pack together
  • Follow your team progression in Realtime

  • Realtime strategic view (Top view, Line of sight, shot traces,…)

  • Complete statistics view of a terminated session

  • Replay mission for more advanced debriefing with the team

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