Dr. Erik GESLINCEO & Founder
Dr. Erik Geslin graduated with a PhD. in Virtual Reality Engineering Arts & Metiers ParisTech and completed a post-doctoral degree in Psychology and Neuroscience in Laval University Canada, applied to Virtual Reality. He is considered as a specialist and evangelist in the field of Virtual Reality for more than 15 years. Erik’s vision was to create the most effective VR simulators. After designing several VR training simulators for special forces, he developed the concept of Virtual CQB using the most advanced technologies in the field of Merged Virtuality.
Fabrice Guichard
Fabrice GuichardDirector Entertainment Operations
Fabrice Guichard is a recognized specialist in the fields of entertainment, he was one of the pioneers to develop applications of Virtual Reality in this field.

He his also the owner of severals companies with high skills and expertise in the field of entertainment and military simulation as Polymorph, which operate worldwide.

Our Valuable Team Members

Jerome Foucher has experience in the management of IT and technology development for more than 20 years. He is in charge of all the real-time 3D development for Asterion VR, but also the coordinator of research and development.
Franck Geslin
Franck GeslinTechnical Spec Ops Advisor
Franck Geslin has been a member of the Special Forces for more than 7 years and is now serving the President of the French Republic. He acts as an advisor to the AsterionVR’s developers in the context of virtual training environments.