ASTERION  The Law Enforcement and Military XR Leaders! Interactive XR (VR, AR, MR) developments for Training, Simulation & more

  • What You See in VR, YOU CAN Touch it!
  • Visualize and lean on walls in VR for LEARNING tactical progression.
  • Touch walls increased IMMERSION in VR through kinesthetic sensations.
  • NO Motion Sickness thanks to NO cognitive inconsistencies between VR and the reality.
  • NO tracking latency, better coordination in multi-user mode and NO motion sickness.
  • Use service Weapons or Co2 Blow back weapons
  • INFINITY of scenarios
  • INFINITY of environments.
  • INFINITY of virtual floors
  • FAST implementation, no laborious calibration
  • Force-On-Force and Force Vs IA


High quality HMD and body feedback, make special forces feel they are inside the virtual reality, real collisions blur the lines and offer an unmatched simulation experience.

ASTERION Created the Merged Reality and enriched the virtual with real walls. We blurs the lines between real and virtual reality ! We create turnkey solutions that bring you the best immersive Virtual Reality training CQB called ModulMaze™ .

ASTERION has been developing Virtual Reality simulators for special forces and military for more than 15 years. This seniority allows us to develop rugged tools adapted to our customers, and an unparalleled quality of service.

Our board teams are made up of Doctors and specialised engineers renowned for their expertise in the field of XR technologies. The best video game artists work in our studio to provide an efficient simulation experience.

Infinite walking in a limited space

ModulMaze™ our modular VR CQB provides high quality immersive experience and cutting edge visuals. Thanks to Unreal Engine™ technology our developers  coming from major game companies as Ubisoft™, are able to deliver incomparable simulation efficiences.

VFR First ever VR Fire Range,  Train economically 24 hour/7!
It’s time to upgrade to the 21st century training simulators! 

VFR are designed for 3, 4, 5 or 6 trainees!
They allow to train economically with service weapons or BB replicas (blank ammunition or Co2 Blow back Gun replicas with realistic recoil)!

Examples of VFR training Modules and Scenarios:

  • Indoor Fire Range
  • Outdoor Fire Range
  • IPSC/IDPA competition
  • Shoot / No-Shoot Targets
  • Domestic Violence

Infinite walking in a limited space Floors and surfaces without limits !

Through false elevators, ModulMaze™ creates infinite Virtual environments. Clients design Virtual spaces as they need them, and ModulMaze™ updates automatically its settings to make reality match with virtuality.

Blending real and virtual areas gives the opportunity to train during hours in ModulMaze™ without having to quit.

ModulMaze First ever Virtual CQB, Up to  108m2 / 1160 ft2

ModulMaze™ is a turnkey CQB system with VR.

MM25 (25 Cells) is a 42m2 / 452 ft2 CQB. 32 linear meters of “tactical progression training”, multiplied by the number of virtual floors.

MM64 with 64 Cells of 3.2 feet is a 108m2 / 1160 ft2 VR CQB, 83 linear meters of “tactical progression training”, multiplied by the number of virtual floors. Able to evolve, depending of the Virtual environment configuration you have designed with our proprietary tools.upgraded versions.

Above all, we recognize that each client has differing needs. Due to our ModulMaze™ , your are able to design the maze you need depending on the area you have.

Reliability, together with our unique after-sales service, which is the best possible guarantee for every investment.

Many ModulMazes are installed all over the world (Europe, Africa, Asia …). With more than 1800 users every day, we guarantee exceptional after-sales service and unrivaled robustness.

MM ModulMaze Environment packages

University Environment for ModulMaze and WASCA

Tactical progression training in hostile environment with high quality Tango AI.

Slice the pie and tactical theories.

Each ModulMaze VR CQB come with 3 Environments and 45 scenarios chosen in our library including:

Law Enforcement: CQB – Terrorist hostage-taking – Terrorist attack – Domestic Violence – Suicidal Subjects – Ambushes – Suicide Bombers – High Risk Entries
Military: CQB – Hostage-taking – Suicide Bombers – Patrolling – Checkpoints, Embassy.
Your service can also choose to make us develop one for you, depending of your needs.

VFR Virtual Fire Range Environment packages

Each VFR Virtual Fire Range come with 3 Environments chosen in our library including:

  • Indoor Shooting Range
  • Outdoor Shooting Range
  • IPSC Challenge
  • Steel Challenge
  • Shoot/No-Shoot simulation
  • domestic violence

Your service can also choose to make us develop one for you, depending of your needs.

ModulMaze™ Next Gen VR CQB! your country deserves it!

ModulMaze™: It’s time to upgrade to the 21st century simulation XR tools.


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All the tools you need to set and analyse simulation sessions with instructor!

Innovation in simulation

ASTERION VR® technology blends VR and reality in a Mixed Reality , thanks to our HMD VR Headsets with endogenic inside-out tracking system and our weapons’s tracking system who is one of the world’s Most Accurate, Lowest Latency, Inside-Out accurate virtual aiming system.

ASTERION VR® has also developed tools to give the instructors and users the possibility to enhance each day their skills in VR CQB ModulMaze™. These tools are combined in the BlackBull™ softwares suit but can be acquired separately depending of the client needs. ModulMaze Designer™ allows you to design the virtual environment, and generate the real maze settings. Other ASTERION VR® softwares give the instructors abilities to manage opponents: IA, skills and strategy in real time. The Analytic module allows instructors to record and debrief the training session with users.

Use your service weapons in VR Fire Range and Virtual CQB!

Train As You Fight!

In CQB ModulMaze forces can evolve in simulation using their own services weapons to train as they would fight and make tactical reloading. They can use Blank ammo, or P.A.K blank firing guns.
We designed CO2 weapons with Blow-Back recoil according to the services weapons officer and military used in situation, these weapons produce 40 to 70% of the real weapon recoil and allow tactical reloading.

The ASTERION Inside-Out 3D position trackers are designed to easily fit the Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 brackets.
These are the first ever VR trackers that can be used, designed with a patented recoil filtering program, that enable accurate VR shooting with real service or CO2 BB weapons.

Based on unmatched proprietary technology

ModulMaze™ is based on a complex technology basically developed by ASTERION VR, UCO University and CLARTE Lab. Hytrack™ The blended “Inside-out indoor positioning” system used, allows users to evolve in a complex architecture with lots of visual occlusions.  ModulMaze™ is an amazing program completed by the possibility of using realistic weapons with shooting recoil.

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